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We’re fast becoming a well established and trusted brand in the industry, with safety as our number one priority, outcome based programs and high quality equipment and delivery being other major reasons. This has led to a big increase of groups utilizing GAS not just locally but also on their other programs further afield like in the Otways and the Grampians.

We specialize in using outdoor adventure as a mechanism for personal and organizational development.

GAS can facilitate any experience in a way that builds social cohesion or addresses an outcome. GAS staff will talk through your requirements and make a few recommendations for your consideration. GAS incorporates elements of adventure, group dynamics and/or nature connection to illicit learning and reflection. Examples include:

Team Strengths

2 hour workshop (indoors / onsite) – icebreakers and a range of passive activities to highlight individual strengths in the group.

Team Dynamics

2 hour workshop (outdoors) – icebreaker activities followed by activities that require participation and movement (not strenuous), highlighting team work and group dynamics.

Team Awareness

4 hour rock climbing experience that allows a team to get to know one another. Reflection on the experience can highlight individual responses to stress, helping the team to recognize when their colleagues are stressed in the workplace and how they can help.

Team Development

3 hour mountain bike experience where riders are introduced to the concept of ‘flow’. Reflection on the experience asks participants to identify moments of flow in their work, highlighting team strengths and opportunities for development.

Team Purpose

Nature is calming and innately fascinating, providing an excellent setting for reflection. Armed with a sketch book and a mat to sit on, individuals are invited to take time out in nature to remember their ‘why’, highlighting individual passion and direction. An opportunity to share this with their colleagues promotes connection, awareness and highlights opportunities for the team.

Team Challenge

A full day of fun and adventure. This includes a morning workshop where we warm everyone up with some fun games and Initiative oriented activities aimed at building skills and developing a dynamic functioning group. In the afternoon they undertake a carefully designed half day journey style challenge involving a combination of the above outdoor activities.  Groups will need to work together on challenges, problem solve, decipher clues, and undertake individual challenges to help their group find their way from one checkpoint to the next.

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