Reading maps, learning to read the land and using compasses is NAVa lot of fun and extremely rewarding once it all starts to come together. It gives you the confidence and independence to get out there without the fear of getting lost.

We offer short practical based courses in the bush, or try out the newest nav craze: Mountain Bike Orienteering, It's fast and loads of fun. Let’s try to get lost! 

BOOKINGS: 0499 217 990


What’s on offer:

3 Hour Course A skills based intro to navigation in the bush. A great starting point for anyone wanting to learn the basics. More details...
 5 Hour   Course 

Builds on the 3hr, including learning to use a compass, along with map reading skills in more difficult terrain. For those eager to really get their head around nav! More details...

 2 Day   Course 

For those who want to really learn to master these skills and put them into practice in a real life way, ready for that adventure you’re planning. More details...

Mt Bike Orienteering

It's a fast and fun way to learn some nav skills and cover a lot of ground with the joy and ease of MTB riding. More details...  


Course Costs*

Course 1-2 People 2-3 4-5 6-10
3hr: $200 $99ea $75ea $65
5hr: $300 $150ea $110ea $100
2day: $600 $200ea $225ea $200

*Larger groups than 10, please call for rates.   

Transport is FREE  for groups up to 10 people (See terms & conditions).          



  • 3hr:  9am- 12noon Or 1pm-4pm
  • 5hr & 2 day:  9am- 2:30pm 

 *Pick ups & drop offs add 30-60mins either side. 


What you need:  

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water bottle (1L >full)
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunnies
  • Rain jacket
  • Camera
  • Small backpack 
  • Compass (or I can provide)
  • Long sleeves and pants are a good idea for scratchy vegetation 
  • Jumper
  • Camping Chair 

*Comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather on the day.


Where to meet:(If you’re not getting transport with us)

You Yang’s: I'll meet you at the park office car park located 400m's inside the park’s main entrance (off Branch Rd) at the pre arraigned meeting time. 




 *If you’re keen to book any of these, please see 'terms & conditions'

 Then phone Jeremy on 0499 217 990

 Or send us an email via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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