Terms & Conditions

When you agree to these terms and conditions you become legally bound to them. Please do not proceed unless you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Before booking, please read about:

  • Payment details
  • General Terms
  • Activity Specific Terms & Conditions

Payments details: *(All prices listed include GST)

  • We accept payments by Credit Card, EFT, Cash, Pay Pal & Direct Bank Deposit.
  • Card transaction incur a 2.85% bank fee.
  • Pay Pal transaction incur a 4% surcharge.
  • For most bookings $100 or at least 50% of payment is required when booking (check your activity specific terms below). 
  • The balance is due before you begin, on the day is fine with cash or credit cards (Visa & Master Cards) For online payments please allow 3 working day prior.  
  • For group bookings payment terms will be discussed when booking.
  • For small fixed rates please be prepared to pay in full when booking. 
  • Cancellations: Please see your specific activity about this. However, for most the policies are:
    • No refunds are given for 'no shows' or cancellations on the day, or up to 24hr prior, unless a GAS employee calls it off due to extreme weather dangers. In which case we’ll renegotiate a new date or give a full refund. 
    • 24hrs+ prior to the starting time we'll refund any payments less the deposit and bank fees. 
    • 7 days or more and you receive a full refund less the bank fees. 


General Terms

  • Covid or pandemic terms: You must adhere to the guidelines we or our governing bodies request during pandemics, eg.: physical distancing from others, use of hand sanitiser, sneezing into your elbow, wearing a mask at all times except for periods of physical exertion (eg: riding or running). Failure to do so could result in terminating the activity or asked to exit a vehicle.     

  • Indemnity forms: For our insurance, on the day you are required to read and sign an Indemnity form for yourself or other minors in your care (anyone under 18).
  • Transport: Is provided where possible. Pick-ups & drop offs are FREE within 10km's of Geelong CBD

E.g.: Moolap, Grovedale, Ceres, Corio (extends further north to Lara if we're headed to the Youies).

  • Pick-ups further away are negotable, however, there may be an additional charge.
  • Pick up/drop off times: may vary due to where you live and the number of stops we need to make.
  • If there are many stops we may define a central meeting place to meet you all at and to return to at the end of the day.
  • Group bookings: Transport needs to be negotiated. If organizing a group booking please plan to all meet at one person’s place central to you all. 



Activity Specific Terms & Conditions

  1. Rock Climbing 
  2. Mountain Biking
  3. Bushwalking
  4. Navigation
  5. Snow
  6. Tours & Short Walks
  7. Shuttles/ Charters
  8. Hires
  9. NDIS Disability Supports: please see NDIS page 


1) Rock Climbing

  • Payments: For Climbing please be prepared to pay $100 deposit when you book, with the balance due before we begin. 
  • Groups bookings: For groups of 10+ contact us to discuss rate options.   
  • Kids bookings: Parent/Guardian consent is required for under 18s.   
  • All Kids under 16 must be belayed by an adult, therefore need the accompaniment of an adult
  • A minimum age of 6-7yo is suggested for most locations. Please discuss this when booking.
  • A maximum weight of 120kgs is suggested. Please discuss when booking.  
  • Werribee Gorge: requires a full day due to a longer drive & walk-in times.



2) Mountain Biking

  • Payments: For MTB rides please be prepared to pay $100 deposit when you book, with the balance due before we begin.
  • Bringing your own bike: Please ensure your bike is in good working order so you do not compromise the experience for others.
  • A GAS employee will assess the condition of your bike. Based on our judgement we reserves the right to refuse to guide you (for your own safety) in which case you will need to hire one of our bike (subject to availability) at an additional cost.
  • Alternatively you can choose to cancel the service and have you money refunded, less deposit, or take a voucher for another occasion.    
  • Kids bookings: we need to negotiate a minimum age limit (6-7yo is suggested) and accompaniment by a guardian, dependent on ability and bike size needs. Please discuss when booking.
  • Non guided Bike hire: please see 8.‘Hire' terms.


3) Bushwalking

  • Payments: For bushwalks under $100, please be prepared to PAY IN FULL when booking.
  • For any over $100, please be prepared to pay a 50% deposit when you book, with the remainder require before we begin.


4) Navigation

  • Payments: Please be prepared to pay a 50% deposit when you book. With the remainder require before we begin. 
  • Navigational activities can result in participants becoming lost if unaccompanied. Boundaries and lost proceedures will be explained to all during activity briefings. Staff will undertake our search protocols to find them as quickly as possible. Whilst this may concern waiting parents/guardians and impact our finishing time it is important to understand that it is out of the control of GAS staff members. Please discuss supervision needs when booking if you believe this is a concern.    


5) Snow

  • Payments: please be prepared to pay the full payment of the bus fare when you book.
  • All accomodation places have their own cancellation terms & conditions. It is important that you read this when your accomodation is confirmed. GAS will take no responsibility for loss of money due to any cancellation by you from any other business' we recommend to operate this service.
  • Please make sure you understand our cancelation policy.    
  • Ski tours: Itineraries may need to be adjusted due to snow and weather conditions on the day. 
  • Ski tour transport:  Those travelling with our service from Geelong have a guaranteed seat.
  • Others may need to make their own way up to Windy Corner car park by 9am. 
  • Return times: Regardless of when we return we are scheduled to pick up resort skiers at 4:30pm, so if needed a beverage while we wait at Stingray's may be needed.
  • Snow bus (from Geelong): Cancellations may occur due to low numbers (*8 pax= 8 minimum), so please have an alternative back up plan organized to avoid missing out.   
  • Any injury resulting in the need for an early departure must be organized at your own expense. No refunds are given for not returning with GAS back to Geelong.
  • We strongly recommend you having Ambulance cover.


6) Tours

  • Payments: For any over $100, please be prepared to pay $100 deposit or up to 50% when you book, with the remainder require before we begin (cash or Credit Card). 
  • For day trips under $100, please be prepared to PAY IN FULL when booking.
  • For Cruise-Ship bookings please be prepared to pay in full when booking.
  • We reserve the right to alter a tour schedules at any time based on road and traffic conditions on the day or other unforseen circumstances.

  • Should this result in any feature being omitted from the tour schedule we’ll try to include an alternative if its feasibly possible. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.  


7) Shuttles/ Charters

  • Payments: under $100, please be prepared to PAY IN FULL when booking.
  • For any over $100, please be prepared to pay a 50% deposit when you book, with the remainder require before we begin. 
  • Evacuation stand-by: For non life threatening emergencies: An early pick up will be arranged as soon as possible (you may have to wait until the evening). Feel free to communicate with us if you are experiencing difficulties, we may be able to rearrange our schedule just in case your problem escalates and you require evacuation.
  • Emergency evacuations requiring medical assistance, please call emergency services (000), then notify us about your needs for the remaining group.  
  • Added time: for pick up/ drop offs (from/to your door) as well as slower travel times due transit through Melbourne (or other cities) could add a little to listed rates (negotiate when booking).


8) Hires

  • Payments: those under $100 please be prepared to PAY IN FULL when booking.
  • For any over $100, please be prepared to pay a 50% deposit when you book, with the remainder require on pickup.
  • No refunds are given for cancellations made on the day of pick up.  
  • You can pick up the gear/bike(s) the day before you leave (in the late afternoon) at no charge. However, hire rates are charged on days out, regardless of use. Eg.: if you want to pick up lunch time and return it the next day at lunch time we'd charge for two days hire. 
  • All gear needs to be returned to the GAS base in 'Grovedale', unless we negotiated otherwise. 
  • All items must be dry and clean upon return, with the exception of BIKES (where a fee is factored in for cleaning).
  • Additional Fees: Any Items requiring additional cleaning (not inc. bikes) incur a fee based on the time needed to do so at $50 per hour. 
  • A late fee of $50 per day in addition to the FULL daily hire cost will be charge for gear not returned on time, or $100 per day for each bike. 
  • Any damage beyond reasonable ware and tare incurs additional repair costs. 
  • If any item is irreparable you will be charged the full replacement cost. 
  • Any accident resulting in injury whilst using a hired item, GAS owners and employees will not be held liable.  


 9) NDIS Disability Supports: please see the bottom of the NDIS page