Family Packages: Climb, Abseil or both at the You Yangs or Anakie


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Schmict fam An awesome family day out. The kids will be stoked with all the climbing & abseiling they get to do. With your very own personal guide we can tailor the experience to your needs.

*Includes: A private guide, all gear, climbing shoes & transport (from Geelong or Lara).


Rates: Family packages

Weekday Rates  Climb(4hr) OR Abseil(3hr) Both Both
Number of people 3-4hr 4hr 6hr
1 Adult & 2 kids $500 $600 $700
2 Adults & 2 kids $550 $650 $750
2 Adults & 3 kids $600 $700 $800
+Each extra kid +$50 +$75 +$100
FREE transport      

Saturdays +$100, Sundays +$200 to the total. 

*For a different combo, give us a call.

Additional: Lunch +$20 each (Salad roll, fruit & a drink)

 See terms & conditions.

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Here's a recent Trip Advisor review

Jeremy Wright took us (a father and three teenage kids) on a guided rock climbing day in Brisbane Ranges NP. Jeremy was flexible and accommodating, making a genuine effort to find out what experience we sought, and tailoring his services to meet our needs. He provided a highly professional and well-structured guided experience in an awesome location, and was great company for the day. He gave us excellent value for money, and we would recommend Jeremy to anybody seeking a similar experience.
Jeremy was proficient, friendly, calm, patient, polite, and helpful. He gave us clear, understandable instructions, explaining the reasons, methods and results of all the safety practices he followed. He verified our ability to carry out all the practices he taught us by observing us performing them before we climbed or belayed. He provided high quality, clean ropes and equipment, and he took obvious pride in keeping his equipment in good condition. Jeremy's emphasis on safety allowed us to have confidence in the site, the equipment and our use of it, which allowed us to focus on the enjoyment and challenge of the climbing experience. We had a great day; we were encouraged to try things that stretched our abilities, combining good fun with the pleasure of achieving something beyond our previous experience; we all want to go climbing again. Reviewed 5 January 2015  by Vol N.



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