Grampians or Mt Arapiles Climbing Weekend Package


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World renowned destinations for exquisite climbing at all levels. You'll have an amazing weekend.

Here are a few reasons why it's worth going to this climbing mecca:

  • The rock is some of the best on offer in Aus. 
  • A huge variety of climbs for all experience levels, from beginners to the elite.
  • Has 1000's of climbs to choose from and a multitude of areas.
  • Want to really progress with your climbing.

Where is it? From Geelong its 250km's NW to the Gramps and a further 65km's to Araps.

*Includes: 2 days of private guiding, all gear & transport (from Geelong). Food negotable. 

Rates: (call or email us for a quote)

*Also available any weekdays.  

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