Family Mt Bike Ride Package, at the You Yangs or Anglesea


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Get those kids out of the house for a fun family MTB ride, privately guided & tailored for their level. They'll have a blast!

First we'll cruise some easier trails to get in the groove. We’ll have a break halfway, then work up to a few more challenging trails. Or if you’re not feeling it, you have a break and we'll take the kids off for a final thrash. 

*Includes: 3hr ride, a private guide, bikes, helmets, gloves & transport (is available). 

Rates: Family packages

#of people Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
1 Adult+1 kid $450 $550 $650
1 Adult+2 kids $500 $600 $700
2 Adults+2 kids $550 $650 $750
1 Adult+3 kids $550 $650 $750
2 Adults+3 kids $600 $700 $800
2 Adults+4 kids $650 $750 $850

Add $50 each extra 

Upgrade to a duel-suspension bike: +$30ea.

BYO bike -$20 each. 

For any other combinations, give us a call.

Transport is FREE (See terms & conditions).


Return to MTB page for more details like:

  • What you need to bring (on the day)
  • Times

  • Where to meet (if not traveling with us)

*Please also read terms & conditions


Yoiues flowers

Forrest kid

Buller single track

Eli track 2

Femral ring

Buller Kurt flowers



Buller KlingS


Buller Bruss

Cressy bike