With more than a 100 walks around out region we're spoilt for choice. I have put together a selection mostly 1-2hr walks, with varying degrees of adventure. Most involve half a day (or more) when you factor in a cafe stop somewhere enroute and the travel time to and from. However, for these or other walks I am happy to tailor any to your groups needs.

Also: Each Wednesday we have a walk leaving from the Grovedale Community Hub at 9am, call us to find out which walk is coming up or to book your spot.

BOOKINGS: 0499 217 990


What’s on offer:

  1) Barwon River Walk: 5km, (1.5hrs)

An easy meander on good undulating paths around the scenic Barwon River and stop off for a cuppa at the 'Barwon Edge' cafe. More details...  

  2) Barwon Heads Beach Walk: 5km, (1.5hrs)

  A beach walk with a remote feel, around the spit into the Barwon River mouth & back. Then enjoy a cuppa at 'The Dunes' cafe. More details... 

  3) Edwards Point Walk: 4&6km (1h20mins & 2hrs)

 An easy flat walk through coastal scrub, look for birds in the salt marsh & return along the beach. Then head to a cafe for a cuppa. More details...  

  4) Point Addis Iron Bark Basin Walk: 3, 6.8 or 10.3km (1h- 3.5hrs)

  A medium level hike in one of the coasts most spectacular locations...Then head to a cafe for a cuppa. More details... 

   5) Bells Beach to Jan Juc Walk: 3.2km (1h10mins).

  An easy stroll with picturesque cliff top views, the famous Bells Beach and coastal hinterland. Then head to a cafe for a cuppa. More details... 

  6) You Yang’s East West circuit of Flinders Peak: 4.5km, (1.5hrs)

  A medium walk with undulating terrain circumnavigating the peak. A nice stroll with great views, followed by a cafe stop. More details...

  7) You Yang’s Flinders Peak Walk: 3.2km (1hr)

  A moderate short walk up the 450 stairs (182m) for great views of the bay (not for the faint hearted). Then head to a cafe for a cuppa. More details... 

BWvv waterfall  8) Lorne Waterfalls: 5.9km (2hr)

  A moderate hike to 3 of the Otway’s best waterfalls, through the ‘Canyon’, have lunch at ‘The Grand Pacific Hotel’, then check out Erskine Falls. More details... 



Multiple-week Packages:

Let's make it a regular thing. Get out each week for that little fix of nature. Enjoy a sequential package that gets more exciting each week, culminating in a longer 'Great Ocean Road/ Otway’s day tour'.

What's on offer:

4 Week 'Wanderers' Walks Package (Easier Walks #1,5,6 & Tour #5)

  Costs: $240ea (Adults), $220 (Seniors). More details...

6 Week 'Explorers' Walks Package(Medium Walks #1,3,7,4,8 & Tour #7)

  Costs: $375ea (Adults), $340 (Seniors) More details...

8 Week 'Expeditioners' Walks Package(Medium Walks #1-5,7,8 & Tour # 7)

Costs: $440ea (Adults), $390 (Seniors). More details...


Walks Summary:






1) Barwon River walk





2) Barwon heads beach walk





3) Edwards Point walk





4) Point Addis walk (3, 7, or 10k)

3- 10k




5) Jan Juc to Bells Beach walk





6) You Yangs East West circuit





7) Flinders peak walk





8) Lorne waterfalls





 4 Week package: Inc.s 1,5,6 & Tour 5



 6 Week package: Inc.s 1,3,7,4,8 & Tour 7



 8 Week package: Inc.s 1-5,7,8 & Tour 7



Kids rates (U16).

All bookings require 5 or 6 person minimum (or the cost of) to 10 maximum (at these rates).

Larger groups, please call us for rates.


What you need for 'Day Walks':

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water bottle (1L >full)
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen & sunnies
  • Comfortable clothing (appropriate for the weather on the day)
  • Rain jacket
  • Camera
  • Small backpack 

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 *If you’re keen to book any of these, please see 'terms & conditions'

 Then phone Jeremy on 0499 217 990

 Or send us an email via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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