Equine Assisted Adventures

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Horse pic smallEnjoy time connecting with calm, trained brumbies (no riding needed) that have been saved from the wild. Equine sessions are available for people of all ages and abilities but typically target those with an NDIS package. These sessions are about having fun, feeling good and physical activity, tailored to individual needs and goals. All participants will learn how to be physically safe around horses and basic horsemanship skills including leading, grooming and feeding. In extended programs, there is lots more to learn if you wish including to:

  • Influence your body and emotions in a way that will also help the horse’s mindset to be calmer and safer
  • Improve the way you communicate to horses and others by learning to read horse and human behaviour
  • Understand the weather and other natural factors and how this influences horses…and you!


Equine Assisted Adventure Programs are for people who:

  • Feel socially isolated and want to build positive relationships with humans and animals
  • Need more physical activity for better health and wellbeing
  • Experience anxiety and/or low self-esteem and want to experience new ways to cope with this

Program options:

  • Mindfulness with Horses, introductory experience: 3 sessions for building safety and horse awareness
  • Good Foundations: 6 sessions, comprised of introductory sessions from the Mindfulness with Horses introduction plus learning how to ride mindfully.
  • Adventure package: 10 weeks culminating in fun and adventurous horse experiences and possibly bush rides (depending on participant goals) in various locations, including a ride at the beach. Camping with horses is an optional extra.



Most sessions are run near Meredith. Location details are confirmed during development of each person’s learning program.

Available Monday & Saturday. 2hr sessions.


Intro meeting:

To prepare a Equine Assisted Adventure program that suits you and your goals we always meet in person (or via Skype) beforehand. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have and to ensure what we can offer is a good fit for your specific needs. Please let us know at the intro meeting if transport to the venue is needed.



There are many price options we can work with based on your supports categories and our registered groups from both Core and Capacity Building. Some examples are (see others on our NDIS page): 

Core Support Items: *Per hour 2 hrs
Group based- Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities- weekdays 1:2  $26.96  $53.93
Group based- Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities- Saturdays 1:2  $37.39  $74.78
Assistance to access community, social and rec activities- individual- weekdays  $48.14  $96.28
Assistance to access community, social and rec activities- individual- Saturday  $66.17  $132.34


Capacity Building Support Items:  Per hour 2hrs
Increased social and community participation- Skills  Development In a Group (of 2 or more)  $28.66 $57.32
Increased social and community participation- Individual Skill Development and Training   $57.32 $114.64

Group Counselling (1:3)


$59.76 $119.52

Individual Counselling 


$152.95 $305.90

*There's also additional charge's for the horse contractor of $15 per horse per hour and $15 per hour yard fee. This can add from $30 to $45 on averave per session, depending on the needs of the client.   


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