Navigation 2 Day Course at the You Yangs

BOOKINGS: 0499 217 990

For those who want to really learn to master these skills and put them into practice in a real life way, ready for that adventure you’re planning.

  • Day 1: We introduce basic map reading skills, using a map to navigate, add in use of a compass and then put these to the test on an orienteering course in moderate terrain.
  • Day 2: recap on nav skills, add grid referencing, magnetic declinations, triangulation & route planning. Break for lunch then head off on a 4.5km long bushwalk, beginning on walking trails then heading off-track into dense bush to put all the skills we've learnt into to the test and probably see some wildlife along the way. *Can be run over consecutive days or split, i.e.: over two weekends, your preference.



1 or 2 people $1000
3-5 people $400ea
6-9 people $340ea
10-15 people $300ea





Larger groups, please call for rates. 

Transport is FREE (See terms & conditions).


What we cover in detail:

Day  1:  (Is what we cover in the 5hr course) 

  • Map features                                   
  • Orienting a map
  • Estimating distances
  • Using features to guide you
  • A break for lunch (BYO)
  • Compass features
  • Walking on a bearing
  • A longer & more challenging orienteering course 


 Day  2:

  • Recap on previous days skills
  • Grid references
  • Magnetic declinations
  • Triangulation
  • Route planning (in brief)
  • Break for lunch (BYO)
  • 4.5km long bushwalk (on walking trails & off-track in dense bush)


Return to Nav page for more details like:

  • What you need to bring (on the day)
  • Where to meet (if not traveling with us)