Giant XTC 29er2 Mt Bike

So why are these the best bikes available for hire in Geelong?

  • High quality (see specs at Giant Aus)
  • Light weight
  • Well maintained & serviced after every ride!

Which means they're tough for riding on serious trails, safe and loads of fun.


So what’s so great about 29 inch wheels compared to the regular 26 inch?

In short, they are better for most riders because they are more stable, so they handle & feel better. 

Let’s be more specific, Larger wheels provide:  

  • Better cornering & traction.
  • Smooth out rough terrain.
  • More stable (=more control on descents).
  • Hold momentum better (=more speed/ up & down hills).

Bike Features:

  • 30 gears (great in all terrain)
  • Disc brakes (very responsive).
  • Front suspension (smooths out rough terrain as well as a 26 inch bike with full suspension).   

For more details about 29ers read:

The XTC 29er2 is a reliable all-rounder in Giants mid-range of MTB.

For more details on this specific bike: see Giant Aus

Our bikes were supplied and are serviced by Degrandis Cycle & Sports (in Geelong)

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