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’Where groups have fun, learn & grow’.


We're fast becomming a well established and trusted brand in the industry, with safety as our number one priority, outcome based programs and high quality equipment and delivery being other major reasons. This has led to a big increase of groups utilizing GAS not just locally but also on their other programs further afield like in the Otways and the Grampians. 

We specialize in using outdoor adventure as a mechanism for personal and organisational development.

There’s no one secret recipe. We’ll consult with you about what your groups needs are and then tailor a package that we believe could best achieve your desired goals and expectations.

This may involve team building activities, initiative games and trust exercises, or focused outdoor activities like rock climbing, abseiling, bushwalking, navigation, or a combination of these on GAS’ unique journey style Adventure Challenge Experience (ACE).

Our Outdoor Education trained specialist staff create a supportive and encouraging environment with careful facilitation and debriefing.

We emphasise 4 important building blocks in any group, team or workplace: cooperation, trust, communication & awareness.

Then build on these by adding: initiative, problem solving, self-reliance & goal setting.

Together making 8 fundamental skills which are keys to success. 


What we do?

·         Experiential learning

·         Problem-solving activities

·         Group development

·         Goal setting

·         Self-evaluation

·         Careful facilitation & debriefing to extract key learning outcomes



As mentioned before we specialize in using outdoor adventure as a mechanism for personal and organisational development. To achieve this our main goals are:

·         Improving individual confidence and initiative

·         To develop leadership and inspire people to be the best that they can be, in any situation

·         Improving group, team or workplace dynamics


How we do it? & What defines each activity?

Team building, Initiatives, trust activities and games: These can range from the just plain silly, involving much laughter to complex multifaceted tasks which can build with careful facilitation to bring a group of people to work collaboratively together to achieve a desired outcome.


Rock-climbing: The simple movement over rock can teach an individual focus, problem solving, self-reliance, and determination. Yet they are not alone, they rely on belay’s (down on the ground) to keep them safe should they fall and this involves communication and trust.  One can feel isolated up on the rock face, but with the support of those below to help them to find that hidden hold they can continue climbing feeling assured, supported & safe.    


Abseiling: (imagine this) You’re harnessed to a solid anchor system standing with your back to a cliff, just your toes are on the edge, with nothing but thin air and the fear of the unknown behind you. To move beyond this point it involves overcoming self-doubt, much determination and self-reliance. With careful instruction & communication from the guide you inch your way over the edge to begin an exhilarating decent, feeling that heightened awareness. Like climbing it can often take the support from others in the group to give a person the strength to do it.       


Navigation: It’s a great activity and skill for anyone to learn, from small numbers or larger groups. Once people begin to pick up on the basics we can send them off in small groups, pairs or solo on a short orienteering course.Personally it develops confidence, self-reliance, problem solving, goal setting and sense of place in the bush. In groups there’s the added benefits of cooperation, trust, communication, awareness and initiative. It’s all there!


Bushwalking: as above, but it tends to have more of that adventure feel. However, differing from navigation it works best in groups of 10 or less. With larger groups we have venues where multiple walks can be conducted simultaneously.  This is a great activity for developing leadership & group dynamics.  


Adventure Challenge Experience (ACE): A full day of fun and adventure. This includes a morning workshop where we warm everyone up with some fun games and Initiative oriented activities aimed at building skills and developing a dynamic functioning group. In the afternoon they undertake a carefully designed half day journey style challenge involving a combination of the above outdoor activities.  Groups will need to work together on challenges, problem solve, decipher clues, and undertake individual challenges to help their group find their way from one checkpoint to the next.




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