The Fortress - South Grampians, Victoria Range


Length: 2 days, 8.6km+, 4-6hrs with side trips, Graded: Medium 

This is a great feature which stands proud in the rugged Victoria Range.  It's rarely visited, remote and has that big adventure feel for far less effort than the others... 

For rock climbers it's a monstrous feature and a formidable test peice. For bush walker's It’s still a buzz!

You could do this as a day hike. However, you have to hike mostly uphill to access it, and you hike out the same way you go in, BUT despite all this it’s well worth lugging a lighter weight pack in and camping in the cave (no tent needed!) to take the time to explore this feature and the surrounding area. 

*Includes: a guide & transport. Gear like packs and stoves are avail at half price rental rates (see Gear Hire rates).  Meals negotiable (adds cost). *Leave early on Day 1, return late on Day 2. 

Costs: $250each* (minimum numbers apply) 

*Camping fees are currently under review by Parks, consequently this rate maybe adjusted at any time.

BOOKINGS - 0499217990

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