Forrest kidBuzz Kids utilizes nature, challenge and group work to teach skills of communication, self regulation, team work & problem solving, building confidence and independence. 

For Primary aged kids and all abilities. Currently running on a Saturday.

Talk to GAS staff to determine the suitability of this program for your child.


Dates: TBC

Saturday's 9am – 1pm

 Coastal bushwalk

 Mountain biking

Rock climbing









What the research says:

"For children, research shows that close proximity to green spaces is clearly associated with reduced prevalence of depression, anxiety and other health problems.  Many researchers believe that outdoor play has long-term benefits for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and fosters a sense of identity, feelings of autonomy, psychological resilience and healthy behaviors.  Additionally, children who experience high levels of contact with nature have higher levels of self-worth and higher cognitive function." See more at Beyond Blue


"In natural environments, children use natural materials (flowers, sticks, stones etc) for long periods of imaginary play. Imaginary play has been shown to help children develop social and cognitive skills" (Parks Vic.)

Read the research

An independent review of international research by academics at Deakin University found over two hundred studies that showed contact with nature makes people physically and mentally healthier.

Read the review - Healthy Parks Healthy People: the state of the evidence 2015 (PDF)